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車エビ = car shrimp
14 September 2008 @ 02:14 am

I suck. A lot.

No really, sorry guys! :[ I should make an effort to update this place at least once a month, but it'll be harder now that school's started up again. I'll do my best! You rock for sticking around! This update isn't as flushed out as I wanted it to be, but I felt bad for not updating for so long, so I decided it was good enough.

→ 20. Gintama
→ 04. Apollo Justice
→ 04. Persona 3

Ta-da-da-dah!Collapse )

I'll try and make small batches of icons during the weekends and see if I can't turn them into updates every so often so this place isn't so dead. ): I spent my entire summer playing Persona 3, so I'll blame that for not really being on the computer slaving over icons for everyone. You'd do the same if ~*Akihiko senpai*~ was waiting for you everyday, don't lie.

PS: Suggetions? Marriage proposals? You can berate me for not updating/not making JE icons lately if you want, idc. ):